Twitter Followers Reviews

Buy Twitter Followers Reviews – Reviewed by Customers

A few months ago, we noticed a rise in Buy Twitter followers services, and we found these services to be very interesting to say the least. By using these services, any company or individual could boost their social media foundation by buying a guaranteed number of Twitter Followers. With the rise of so many “Buy Twitter Followers Services” and sometimes substantial differences in pricing, we decided to put them to the test. Certain providers have done an amazing job and are being recommended (see below) while others either did not perform or flat out delivered fake useless Twitter Followers, and some did not even deliver at all.

To save everyone the trouble, time, and money we’ve ranked the Top 5 Companies below. We’ve ranked them based on three important criteria: Our experience with service and customer support, their features and guarantees, and most importantly valuable customer feedback.





How These Buy Twitter Followers Companies Work

Here’s a few inside secrets most Twitter Followers suppliers don’t want you to know, but they will save you time, money, and aggravation in the long run:

  1. Don’t buy Twitter Followers from a website that does not display a toll free customer support number. If they have no way to call them then they are probably based in a 3rd world country and they are selling FAKE Followers.
  2. If the price “sounds too good to be true” IT IS! No legitimate Twitter Followers supplier can deliver 1,000 followers for $17, $20, or even $30 – They will all be FAKE!
  3. Stay away from sites that have customer testimonials on their home pages – nobody gives real testimonials in this space as nobody wants anyone to know they actually bought followers, therefore the reviews are FAKE!
  4. If you end up buying Twitter Followers go ahead and review your followers as they are delivered – if you see profile pictures of celebrities or if you see the same profile pictures on more than one profile then you can be sure that all the Twitter Followers being delivered are FAKE!
  5. If you submit a contact request to a Buy Twitter Followers supplier before ordering to get some questions answered, and they do not respond or they respond in broken English then you are buying fans from the wrong website, and they will surely sell FAKE Followers to you!
  6. Take a look at the Twitter Followers being delivered to your account if you see profiles where they are following 200-300 but have no followers, OR they have not tweeted in months then you are getting FAKE followers!

If you want to build your social media foundation the right way then make sure to buy Twitter Followers from a legitimate supplier, do your homework and deal with a company you can talk to. Would you buy local products and services from a company that did not have a phone number?